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IoT - Monitoring and Management

We provide IoT (Internet of Things) remote access solutions. The sensor sends the data to our own Server. The data is stored in a database and can be processed, performance graphs can be extracted as well as installation fault detection. The customer can monitor the performance of the system on a web page with their personal codes.

internet of things

Our Projects

A remote monitoring (IoT) project consists of 3 stages:

A. The Sensor

With the corresponding sensor we get the measurement we want. So far we have tested sensors for measuring humidity, temperature and soil conductivity, as well as an inductive sensor for measuring electricity in a photovoltaic system.

IoT device NSE01
Dragino NSE01 NB-IoT Soil Moisture & EC Sensor
PowerUC SplitCore Current Sensor
PowerUC SplitCore Current Sensor

B. Transmission

The data is transferred to our Server where are stored and processed. The technologies applied are the following:

B1. NB-IoT
This technology uses a mobile phone signal with low power and data consumption. The customer procures a SIM card with an annual subscription (from €40/year) for each sensor he uses.

B2. Lorawan
Lorawan uses radio band and transmits data wirelessly up to a distance of 5 km where there is an Internet connection. The equipment used are Lorawan connected sensors and a Lorawan Router.

B3. Ethernet or Wifi connection
If the installation has access to the Internet, sensors with an Ethernet or Wifi connection are used without additional equipment.

NBIOT transmission
ΝΒΙΟΤ transmission
Mikrotik lorawan router
Mikrotik Lorawan Router

C. Performance Graphs

The customer accesses an Internet URL with personal codes. There he can see performance graphs from the sensors he has installed, eg daily energy production of the photovoltaic installation in KWh. It can also receive notifications by SMS for any damage or exceeding certain limits.

Γραφήματα από αισθητήρα θερμοκρασίας, υγρασίας και αγωγιμότητας εδάφους.
Graphs from temperature, humidity and soil conductivity sensor.
Γραφήματα από αισθητήρα ηλεκτρικού ρεύματος σε inverter φωτοβολταϊκού συστήματος.
Graphs from electric current sensor attached to photovoltaic system inverter.
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