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Photovoltaic Parks Supervision
Photovoltaic Parks Supervision
Photovoltaic Parks Supervision
Argo Technologies
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Argo Technologies

We build customized supervision and day ahead prediction solutions for your PV park portfolio

Photovoltaic Parks Supervision

Monitoring and preventive maintenance of PV parks

Build an accurate physical model of your PV Park with a low cost solution based on data gathering from selected strings and existing data sources (inverters, IoT, smart meters, data loggers, weather stations). This model and our algorithms will allow error detection at string level, performance monitoring and alert notifications pinpointing the root causes

Photovoltaic Parks Supervision

Solutions for substation monitoring and supervision

Substations of 20KV or 150KV have heavy needs for monitoring and supervision to minimise downtime and lower maintenance costs. Our solutions are optimised for substations used in PV grid connections. Also work in synergy with the PV park IoT solution to offer a Data Base for accurate day ahead predictions

Photovoltaic Parks Supervision

Accurate day ahead forecast for PV park portfolio participating in energy markets

The efficient use of carefully selected and tuned Machine Learning algorithms using the historical data gathered from our IoT solutions allow the most accurate production predictions at portfolio level. Focused and Optimised ANNs, Fuzzy-Neural and LSTM algorithms take away the prediction stress when participating in day ahead markets under the target model

Photovoltaic Parks Supervision Monitoring and Prediction Technology

  Supervision, preventive maintenance and error detection at string level of Photovoltaic Parks based on data gathering, smart surveillance and Machine Learning algorithms (ANNs, Fuzzy Neural, LSTM).

IoT solution for Data gathering from different sources (inverters, string monitoring panels, weather stations, substations, smart meters, etc).

Custom Designed Dashboards to allow optimal Supervision of all parks in your PV project portfolio.

Historical Data for each park and aggregate results for the project portfolio.

Processing of data with Machine Learning algorithms for accurate day ahead production predictions for the project portfolio.

Very flexible service model including also solutions without a subscription (Contact us). We design the integrated supervision solution based on open source software and own design hardware components. Therefore, we can offer very flexible and competitive solutions.

Middle Voltage substation supervision and monitoring solutions (20KV).

High Voltage substations supervision and monitoring solutions (150KV).

Development Construction and Equipment

  Have you received or are you about to be granted connection terms for a photovoltaic park, wind or other type of RES? Do you want to proceed with the construction as soon as possible and with a guarantee of quality and result?

With specialist scientists, Electrical Engineers with years of experience in the design and construction of RES projects and in particular photovoltaic and wind installations. We also undertake individual parts of the construction by agreement.

Our company in collaboration with selected material suppliers provides complete construction services. Contact us today via our email:

Design and Licensing

  Do you own a plot of land or a roof of a building or a house? Do you want to see the possibilities of its utilization for hosting photovoltaic, small wind or other form of RES (biomass / biogas, CHP, etc.)?

Contact our company today to discuss the prospects and possibilities of licensing. And have into account that the conditions change rapidly (three legislative changes only by the last government). Contact us today via our email:

Accurate error detection and day ahead predictions with low supervision cost